How Collaborizm, a US start-up incubator is helping Indian engineers

How Collaborizm, a US start-up incubator is helping Indian engineers

Posted by M.Venkatesh on July 21st 2017

Startup India Hub team which has collaborated with a New York -based tech incubator - Collaborizm has been offering budding Indian entrepreneurs, engineers & coding enthusiasts a platform to share their knowledge and build on their expertise. Today, it has 119,000 registered users from over 40 countries and a majority of the registered users  ( 85%) are Indian. Through the platform, these users can find mentors, learn from their peers, and build new start-ups.

Founded by Steven Reubenstone 2016, Collaborizm, the idea was to create a virtual networking and learning environment for techies  and  also to find like-minded techies to collaborate with. So, he launched a portal to help engineers, irrespective of where they are located to come together and collaborate.
Within a month of Collaborizm’s launch, around 12,000 people had signed up; in six months, nearly 50,000. Today, over 101,000 engineers from all over India, some as young as 13 years old, also use the platform. 
Another interesting fact is that around 8% of the user base is from tier-2 and tier-3 cities and the rest are from cities. They have reached out to users using Facebook, which has been the main channel for growth and eventually reach out to the rural entrepreneurs.
Collaborizm and Start-up India Hub tie up 
In June, Collaborizm partnered with the government on its Start-up India initiative through the newly formed Startup India Hub, an online networking platform. Based on a set of critera, it selects Indian-led projects from the Collaborizm platform and introduces them to the government-backed portal through which they can receive support. 
Collaborizm main selection criteria
The number of people working % the level of activity in the project.
The “reputation” of the Project Leader(s). 
Their opinion of the commercial potential of the project whether disruptive or innovative ideas also based on feasibility.
So far it has selected two Indian startups under its engagement with Startup India Hub-Sciencotonic and Valtrack Hardware Systems.( Source Inc42) 


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