How to convert black to white

How to convert black to white

Posted by Vivek Nama on November 13th 2016

As a country as a developing nation India is passing through a very important phase towards transformation though the ban of 500/100 rupee notes resulted sleepless nights for the 20% population of the country majority is supporting this hard-careful move by their prime minister many loop holes.
where man holed before the announcement and some loops where fired after the announcement like gold sale on old dates where iron stamped and deposits on multiple names was controlled hope this step strengthens the rupee in international markets and build new thoughts in investor minds this phenomenon is off course a boost for start-ups.
This gives angle investors and investors a confidence on system and controls the start-ups who route  money somewhere else making it black and accountability will be off course upgraded hope this brings some out of the sub-continent investors into the start-up desert...!!  
some people are very much thoughtful on converting black money to white and how?
Is it now possible can we really convert on this point of time what is the situation of real estate boom created or running will someone buy a flat/plot with 100% white money where it use to be 30% white does they pay registration fee are charges worth triple are sometimes much higher that of before when will this dust settle and when will the smooth functioning of political corruption hawala ( money transfer with codes are illegal means ) , buying gold without declaration start and will this effect approvals of new projects , Bills ,Registrations ,loans ???
Delay in this major files for this short time may not really majorly effect are disturb life’s of common people but definitely will bring some change in the mind sets of the people as well as the corrupt but we can’t really expect 100% wash out  but a change in thoughts of people for some time at least.
This start is must and it takes time for the effected to restart the things lets wish the country the people who have supported the government standing in the q’s compromising the weekend’s to exchange or deposited the stock money  this efforts will defiantly be fruitful entrepreneurs can expect much higher support from bankers.
 Hope this step make the dreams for new/own house of middle class Indian possible !!
Ya the new 2000 rupee note with upgraded security features is great with one of its kind high-end rare paper  
And ya the print don hazar is not a typo and infect they are written in languages KONKANI and MARATHI multiple other regional languages
Its compatible for blind
Colour is unique
Size of the note is like us dollar and is something new for Indians and Indian ATM machines
And the grey new 500 note is really…really awesome I prefer 500 then the 2000 Note


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