India In A Day as on 10-10-2015 Seen in 2016

India In A Day as on 10-10-2015 Seen in 2016

Posted by P. Charitha on September 28th 2016


In 2015, film director Anurag Kashyap and Ridley Scott,an English film director/producer along with directors Zoya Akhtar, R Balki and Shekhar Kapur came up with an idea to make a documentary and source clips from the people directly. They sent the message through Google who was the partner for this project asking Indians to grab a camera & shoot a day in the life of India they live in specifically as on the 10th of October and send it across to them.

Over 1,60,000 thousand Indians submitted videos, some as long as 15 hours. It left Canadian filmmaker & director Richie Mehta along with his team of 14 members to view 400 hours of footage which took almost three months. Finally, work from 330 filmmakers made it to the 80 -plus minutes’ final feature, which came together after four months of editing. “There was no set agenda on what to present, we were responding to what people had given us, and look at India with a neutral gaze.India in a Day is the first crowd sourced docu-film which aims to capture the essence of the country in 24 hours”, said Richie Mehta the director of India in a Day.



The initial date of release was September 9th and it is only running in select theatres in Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru till 29th September, 2016.

The Film teasers are out and will be released on YouTube shortly.


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