Is your company choosing the right vendors for construction?

Is your company choosing the right vendors for construction?

Posted by Ravi Sankar on January 15th 2018

Make sure your procurement activities are streamlined and digitized

For Ananth, a procurement manager, release of a Purchase Order is a major milestone. After all, one needs to complete more than 20 tasks not counting emails, telephone calls and meetings before finalization of a contractor. Post order activities are no less. But, those are well-streamlined thanks to the ERP system available in their organization. For people like Ashish, the wait for a single software solution to streamline all activities before Purchase Order confirmation is over now.

"We thought our procurement is digitized. "But", lamented a senior management person, "We never imagined that we still can't do away with emails, spreadsheets, and telecalls for the most important phase of procurement i.e. activities before order confirmation. The amounts we are committing without a streamline digital processes are mind-boggling"

Purchase order release is a spending commitment to any organization. Can a company still afford not to implement a solution for before order confirmation activities? But, a new cloud-based platform has been launched by www.rightvendors.infor vendor management, vendor discovery, RFP management, rate analysis and automated negotiation to help streamline procurement activities before order confirmation.

Face to face negotiation meetings are dead now. Thanks to the AI, machine learning, and data analytics.

Rightvendors is a cloud based platform for before order confirmation activities such as vendor management, vendor discovery, eRFx management, rate analysis, and automated e-auction


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