It's Work-Life Integration for start-ups

It's Work-Life Integration for start-ups

Posted by Vivek Nama on September 19th 2016

The first thing that comes to mind when someone’s starting a company, is that s/he will have to give up everything to make their company grow. In short they will have to give up & forget everything else and there is no such word as work-life balance .In order to make your startup grow, you may have to live, eat, breathe and sleep your idea/concept/product. But that doesn’t mean that’s all that life has to be for an entrepreneur. It’s just a part of your integral life and you need to put in those 24/7-365 days of hard work to create and make your dream a success.

You may miss your social outings with friends or if you are married you don’t get to be a part of the child’s upbringing and miss those PTAs and Annual Day functions or forget your spouse’s anniversary. It’s just that that the boundaries between personal and professional time gets distorted and you have to make up for it later. According to Jenn Sutherland-Miller , work life balance is a myth, “work life integration” is the reality for most entrepreneurs and startup founders.

It’s no longer a balancing but integrating your professional and personal life and the best thing about working on your own is that you have the option of working whenever and make TIME for your personal life.
But the question would be is what kind of culture are you laying out for your colleagues & employees? Does the same rule apply to them? If you believe that they also get to have their personal freedom and your goals and objectives are not disturbed at the same time then you have to allow that same freedom and if they are in alignment with your professional goals and make for that time you are very lucky.

Work-life balance or integration for startup founders is the result of conscious discipline and focus. Although the concept might appear somewhat contradictory, they suggest that founders who follow this integration are able to lead teams, follow vision, and not get deviated in the process.

The success lies in their ability to live an integrated life. What’s striking is that this work-life integration gives the ability to do more, both mentally and physically, in all areas of one’s lives and for their company to grow successfully. The need to prioritize when the situation arises and at the same time to not let their company get in the way of personal time is the actual work-life integration!


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