Little Black Book - a recommendation start-up

Little Black Book - a recommendation start-up

Posted by Vivek Nama on August 7th 2017

In case you are wondering what sort of a recommendation would this start-up offer- “Little Black Book” helps you discovers hidden jewels in your city ,ranging from a old gramophone record shop to a quaint temple tucked  away in some by lane which you were never aware of, or an eatery that serves some yummy food.

Co-founder and CEO Suchita Salwan started this recommendation website Little Black Book in 2013.Suchita says,“I love to be a tourist in my own city else life gets very boring,”. She started the company in a small room in Jangpura with five interns and three employees. Now it has about 55 employees. An economic graduate from Delhi’s Hindu College, Suchita says that she visits places recommended by her two million odd users, every Sunday, and experiences them herself.
Funded with about Rs 10 crore from investors such as Indian Angel Network, IDG Ventures and Singapore Angel Network, Little Black Book has stretched its reach to seven cities including – Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Goa, Pune, Mumbai and Kolkata.
She also states that through her own start-up she has been able to locate certain things that she thought were not available in India. 
Will Google or Facebook also become big competitors? Salwan dodges the question cleverly. “They won’t exist if we weren’t there. And I am happy to report that …Google has better information to give to its users, thanks now to LBB.” We’re a C2B business. Our call isn’t to help businesses; our call is to help consumers make the best of local recommendations in whatever interest they have,” she adds.
The company claims to have worked with brands such as Adidas, Nike, Mother Dairy and Vivo. LBB gets most of its user traffic in categories such as apparel, jewellery, home decors, food, events and activities. Brands pay LBB to be discovered by its users. “Less than 5 percent of the information that you see on LBB is actually brand-led…95% of the content is organic,” she clarifies.Source: Money Control


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