Meet Pi -the Winner of Startup Battle Field - 2017

Meet Pi -the Winner of Startup Battle Field - 2017

Posted by Vivek Nama on September 22nd 2017

22 startups-3 days of fierce competition-6 finalists-$50,000 cash prize & the coveted Disrupt Cup. And now, meet the Startup Battlefield winner of TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2017- Pi !

This Silicon Valley start-up claims that it has developed the world's first wireless charger that does away with cords or mats to charge devices. After narrowing down from the list of the six finalists: Augmedics, Colormass, Future Family, Matic, Onēva and Pi, TechCrunch editors chose Pi as the winner of the Startup BattleField 2017. 
Pi chargers, about the size of a small table vase, operate on standard charging technology used in Apple or Android smartphones designed to be powered up wirelessly. But instead of cords or mats, the conical creation charges smartphones with magnetic waves.Magnetic fields are an ideal way to safely send energy to portable electronics, said Pi chief technology officer Lixin Shi, who co-created the charger with John MacDonald both who are alumni of MIT.
The trick was bending magnetic waves to find smartphones, and according to co-founder John Macdonald, is a beam-forming algorithm that lets them safely direct a magnetic field to wherever the device is sitting. Pi was started in the Silicon Valley city of San Bruno, and the co-founders said they raised $3.5 million in a seed funding round lead by SoftTech VC managing partner Jean-Francois Clavier. MacDonald promised that Pi devices would begin shipping in 2018 and be priced "well below $200."
So why did they name it “Pi”?  Both the co-founders’ are from  MIT  and as an ode to their alma mater which  celebrates Pi in many ways, including announcing admissions on Pi Day (March 14th — or 3/14), it only made sense to continue the tradition.Source & Photo: Tech Crunch


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