Meet the game changers in food-Memphis Meats

Meet the game changers in food-Memphis Meats

Posted by Vivek Nama on March 17th 2017

A San Francisco-based food-tech start-up Memphis Meats says it has made the world's first lab-grown chicken strips from self-reproducing animal cells without actually a chicken! This is a historic moment for the clean meat movement," Memphis Meats" cofounder and CEO, Dr. Uma Valeti, said in a press release.
In February 2016, the company said it had produced lab-grown meatballs, made by cultivating cow muscle tissue in a sterile environment. In addition to chicken, Memphis Meat announced on March 15 that it has cultivated lab-grown duck as well. The team said it expects to reduce production costs over the next few years, and start offering its products to the public in 2021. 
And it pretty much tastes like chicken, according to people who were offered samples by Memphis Meats Inc.
Scientists, start-ups and animal-welfare activists believe the new product could help to revolutionize the roughly U.S. meat industry. 
They're all hoping to disrupt America's $200 billion meat industry (and $48 billion poultry industry), by offering foods that mimic meat but are more environmentally friendly.
Their goal: Replace billions of cattle, hogs and chickens with animal meat they say can be grown more efficiently and humanely in stainless steel bioreactor tanks.


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