MERGE - a  corporate innovation platform for start-ups launched

MERGE - a corporate innovation platform for start-ups launched

Posted by Naveen on April 1st 2017

 India’s largest start-up incubator - T Hub in association with Anthil Ventures announced the launch of MERGE - a corporate innovation platform that merges corporate scale and startup agility to help innovation, in Hyderabad recently. With  corporate innovation growing at a fast rate, the agility of startups when put together with the scalability factor of corporates, will result in success for both and at the same time, bring about innovative solutions that will change the game of the startup ecosystem,” said Prasad Vanga, Founder and CEO, Anthill.

The day-long event featured different innovation life cycles like Assess, Source, Design, Build and Scale and saw participation from large organisations like PwC, Samsung, Capgemini, YES Bank and Qualcomm and also by different kind of start-ups.
Former Test Captain and Management Coach Kris Srikkanth was invited for the launch and  had only one advice – ‘have guts’. Speaking at the Merge programme organised by T-Hub and Anthill, Srikkanth said, “If you want to be an innovator, you need to have guts. If you look at any of the cricketing legends they did not follow any set rules of batting or bowling, they just had guts to do something different and yet be successful.” 
However, the cricketer also added that investors and corporates should encourage entrepreneurs from rural areas of the country. “Any kind of innovation should bring change in the society and these are happening in smaller towns and villages. Investors need to find innovative ways to invest in these small entrepreneurs as putting money in already established companies does not make sense,” Srikkanth said.
Although not denying the importance of technology, Srikkanth said that it should be used for the betterment of the society and it should only act an enabler and what is more important is to have socio-economic cause.Source Telangana Today


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