Posted by Vivek Nama on October 8th 2016

Yes ….You are right as always ….U have the best startup idea with you Ever ….According to the location you are in and the friends you have and …IN THE BOX thoughts you have …but for me ..This idea already exists r failed r illegal r something which is a part are integrated thing in some other big thing or idea…are something someone tried already…
This happens so often for startups what you think is not always the BEST ,What you assume is not always the same market ,What you have is always not the same best team !! Yes you are right as always…Is what you think !! You maybe a very active person are a very technically strong person are some very big fan pulling guy… But to how many people you spoke to about your IDEA Physically ?..10?…100?….1000?
How can you even believe are expect something exceptional amazing astonishing wonderful sensational stunning unbelievable miraculous phenomenal prodigious spectacular out of your 1kg Brain …which already alive 6000 million Kg brains in the world or 1200 million kg alive brains doesn't get….You will get to know the capability the scaleability the power of your idea when you share and take suggestions accept suggestions how many as possible or How many you can …you are the ultimate judge of your idea….
Fear of Idea-Robbery is always there and ay it should be there but you need not require to share the whole plan of action the basic line are a basic morphed version can be prepared for that….


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