Oracles's Internal Start-up for innovation & new talent

Oracles's Internal Start-up for innovation & new talent

Posted by P. Charitha on April 26th 2017

In its bid to step up its game, and nab talent,Oracle is  launching two new Solution Engineering Centers. The company calls this plan a "startup inside Oracle." The plan is to build all kinds of cutting edge new technologies, such as "artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality and many other exciting technology trends “. The employment ad was first spotted by Bloomberg's Brian Womack where the advt posted showed that it was looking for people and directors for its Engineering Centers. Oracle is seeking to fill at least 50 positions.
The centers will be in located in Reston, Virginia and Denver, Colorado, the ad says and will involve, "a unique and rare opportunity to join the ground floor of building a truly transformational organization inside Oracle North America.
The mission of the organization and these two centers is to build and engineer cutting-edge solutions for our customers around cloud computing, big data analytics, mobile computing, internet of things, cybersecurity," the company said. Additional areas of potential investment are artificial intelligence and augmented and virtual reality. Source:Bloomberg


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