Pakistan-origin students win prestigious Hult Prize challenge

Pakistan-origin students win prestigious Hult Prize challenge

Posted by Vivek Nama on September 19th 2017

Four Pakistani-American student entrepreneurs, whose idea titled ‘Roshni Rides’  has won the   prestigious  US Hult Prize challenge and a $1 million award in seed capital.

The 20-something Rutgers University graduates - Hanaa Lakhani, Moneed Mian, Hasan Usmani, & CEO Gia Farooqi, who started ‘Roshni Rides’   plan to tackle the global refugee crisis with a transportation network to empower refugees overseas. Their business model is a formalized rickshaw shuttle service that aims to offer fixed, affordable commuting prices to urbanized refugees in South Asia, where transportation options are often limited. 
The Hult Prize Foundation, a non-profit  US organization for social enterprise presented students with its eighth annual goal-oriented contest to develop a start-up venture to restore the rights and dignity of one million refugees by 2022.
Former President Bill Clinton, a key Hult Prize partner, presented ‘Roshni Rides’ the award and said  that, “this is a private solution to a public problem that will have a big impact,”. All four team members plan to relocate to their home turf Orangi Town, a Karachi slum that houses more than 2 million refugees and use the award money to bring their business idea to life by providing better transportation to refugees.
This award has given a global platform to “Roshni Rides” founders in representing not only the Muslim entrepreneurs but also highlighting the global refugee crisis plaguing the world. 


Ghayas Uddin
September 23rd 2017

Great achievement million dollars in their early 20s. And striving for a good cause. Wow!! Inspiration for all youth.

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