PROOF-a band for alcohol sensing to keep you steady

PROOF-a band for alcohol sensing to keep you steady

Posted by P. Charitha on January 11th 2017

For those who want to know whether they can have that next drink and check their blood alcohol content using an analyzer without being obvious -  a new wearable band called Proof  which detects various chemicals in your body  and gauge your blood alcohol content is going to be released this year. 
Created by a start-up Milo Sensors which is into creating the next generation of wearable biosensors that gain blood-level insights in a non-invasive way,  Proof is a small band that can gauge your blood alcohol content and send the information to an app where you can subtly see where you are in the night and whether you should order that next drink or not. You can also set alarms to remind/alert you if you are going high  and it can also connect with friends and family if you reach the undesirable levels.

How it Works: Evan Strenk the CEO & founder of Milo Sensors explains how the band works.The owner slots a cartridge into the band around 6 p.m. before they are planning to go out. The cartridge is disposable, which will cost a few dollars.  The analogy is like if you put a raw piece of meat on the counter, over a few hours it turns brown. Similarly when you open the cartridge, it oxidizes. It goes beyond step counting, it goes beyond heart rate, and it’s reading bio-analytic through your skin. Milo Sensors submitted the first prototype to the National Institute for Health last year, and was awarded $100,000 cash prize. It also topped the Mashable "coolest health-tech products" of CES 2017. 


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