PurePani - Order Water Online

PurePani - Order Water Online

Posted by pavan kumar majeti on December 17th 2016

Hi, We have started a new startup company 'Majeti Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd' and we have developed Mobile App called 'PurePani - Order Drinking Water Online'.

Everyone is prefering Mineral/Packaged Drinking Water now a days. There is a lot of demand as it's Daily need.

Local Shop Keepers are doing this Water business as a side income. So thery are not delivering in time and they are not maintaining all popoular brands. Mostly they have Normal RO water.

Every customer facing issue like No On Time Delivery, Very High Prices and No Politeness with customers.

We (PurePani) came to solve all the above issues. We have started 3 months before. Now we are operating in 6 Locations. We have 2500+ registered customers. Everyday 100+ orders. 

We want to spread to whole hyderabad by this summer. So need investment.

Please let us know for any questions. We are happy to answer.


pavan kumar majeti


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