Sir Elton John invests in Qloo-a cultural AI data platform

Sir Elton John invests in Qloo-a cultural AI data platform

Posted by P. Charitha on July 12th 2017

In a report first  published in TechCrunch ,Qloo, a New York- based start-up ,which has built a cultural artificial intelligence data platform about culture and entertainment  has raised an additional funding of $ 6.5 Million in funding from AXA Strategic Ventures and  believe  it or not ! from Sir Elton John- the English singer, pianist, and composer.
Though he is not actually the first celebrity to back the New York start-up — actor Leonardo DiCaprio and Starwood Hotels founder Barry Sternlicht were both investors in the $4.5 million round that Qloo raised last year.
While the company has built a cultural recommendation app that anyone can download, it’s currently focused on selling this data to other businesses. For example, it says can help marketers understand which interests are shared by the fans of two competing sports teams, so that they can tailor their advertising accordingly during a big game. Qloo's AI has mapped 750+ billion cultural correlations across the largest verticals of consumer taste  including  Music, Film, TV, Dining, Nightlife, Fashion, Books, Travel, Media, Sports, People, Brands and Consumer Products.
Qloo’s artificial intelligence platform is available through a robust API for developers and companies to easily tap into, solving real world problems for leading companies in the tech, entertainment, publishing, travel, hospitality and CPG sectors.
“We’re excited about the potential of Qloo’s cultural AI,” said Sir Elton in the funding release. “It’s been a powerful tool for our  music company- Rocket Entertainment for brand partnerships across our entertainment company. We feel Qloo could be a driving force in the entertainment industry in years to come.” Earlier he along with Jared Leto, had invested a huge amount in  Gobbler, a Dropbox of sorts for musicians which makes it easy to store and collaborate on recordings. 


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