Sow your Seedstars 2017 in Kuala Lumpur and win a spot in Switzerland

Sow your Seedstars 2017 in Kuala Lumpur and win a spot in Switzerland

Posted by M.Venkatesh on July 6th 2017

Seedstars World is back for another round of competitions for start-ups to gather and compete to win a chance to be crowned the ‘most promising seed-stage startup’ at the Seedstars Kuala Lumpur 2017 and a spot in the finals that’s happening in Switzerland!

The 8 best startups will have an opportunity to pitch their brand to an investment panel where they will be judged accordingly and 1 business will take home the title.
Seedstars Group and Its Global Project
Seedstars Group is composed of a with the same values and vision in mind—even when they’re spread all across the world.
Their goal to help new startups find their way in the industry through mentoring, building connections using their wide network and investing in entrepreneurs who are rising to the top.Their global startup competition—Seedstars World—is an annual event that runs in over 75 countries for the team to source and recruit new businesses that have big potential. The company aims to cultivate start-ups who show great value in their emerging market growth.
Winning this competition not only crowns you with a title from Seedstars, but you’ll also get a chance to participate in the regional and global summits—which include participation in professionally tested boot camps and investor forums.
And of course, the finalists will join Seedstars summit in Switzerland to compete for the grand prize of over 1 million USD (approximately RM4.29 million) in investment.
Seedstars Kuala Lumpur,2017
For Seedstars Kuala Lumpur, the summit will be happening on the 20th of July 2017. This will be the 4th year they’re running in Malaysia.
With over 5000 applicants joining the global competition, it’d be safe to say that it’s going to be an interesting battle between the top start-ups in Malaysia itself. Besides an evening of top pitches, there’ll be several discussion and networking sessions as well as talks by keynote speakers.
Pitch Time
5 minutes will be given to pitch your idea in front of the audience and another 5 minutes to answer to questions from the judging panel.
So, how do you apply ?
All you’ve got to do is go ahead to their website for the online application form Do take note that the deadline is on the 13th of July.


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