Special start-up Program for Women in technology by MoEIT

Special start-up Program for Women in technology by MoEIT

Posted by Vivek Nama on March 4th 2017

A special start-up program only for women entrepreneurs would soon be launched by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology   and the tentative launch date could be the 1st of April 2017.  To be launched in ten cities including all metros and non-metros such as Pune, Jaipur and others, it would also involve having a dedicated start-up incubator, mentor support and venture funding for women who want to start-up new venture.
When it comes to facilitation for women entrepreneurs, incubators are hardly industry friendly, and therefore the Ministry is trying to reorient them so that they will able to reach out to women with women orientation in their working, MoEIT Secretary Aruna Sundarajan said during  the Facebook’s She Means Business event in New Delhi on Wednesday .We are starting a separate programme to open up more space for the women in technology, young talented people where they will find the support groups, access the resources. We will roll it out before April 1,” she said.
The proposed program will also see a partnership with Facebook, Google, Sysco, Intel and others to specifically see how women and their livelihood programmes can be bettered and strategic support with top industry bodies like Nasscom and Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI). As current start up incubators are very women unfriendly, and they don’t feel comfortable here. Most of the incubators are in IITs or in engineering colleges, but we want to design special spaces for women, she said.The programs also proposes to have dedicated venture fund for women where they will get people on the board who are more receptive and understand the kind of unique value the women bring to the table.


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