Start-up Cyclops creates device to detect vertigo through eye expression

Start-up Cyclops creates device to detect vertigo through eye expression

Posted by P. Charitha on December 12th 2016

A  Bengaluru-based med-tech start-up called Cyclops Medtech has designed a low-cost device that can diagnose vertigo based on eye expression! Normally vertigo is tested through Eye movement where the doctor will watch the path of your eyes when you track a moving object or you may be given an eye motion test in which cold and warm water or air are placed in your ear canal or through a Dix-Hallpike maneuver a head movement test.
The founders - Srinivas Dorasala, an ENT Surgeon, Niranjan Subbarao, an entrepreneur and Ravi Nayar, a head and neck surgeon created BalanceEye  - a diagnostic device which can analyse whether a patient has vertigo through wireless binocular eye-tracking system. It's basically a pair of eye-tracking goggles which a patient has to wear and follow various patterns on the screen through which our algorithm arise our diagnostic insights. Primarily it has an application in neurology, ENT as well as emergency care.
It is slated to cost around Rs 4 lakh which is very cost effective when compared to the devices in other countries which are available at Rs 12 lakh. The company also had its initial share of problems when they had to validate and test their product in the initial stages. They were supported by a team from IIT Kharagpur who tested the prototype before the launch. 
As part of the initial launch Cyclops plans to market the device through two ways. One where clinics buy the device and software and pay a mainatinece fee and the other where the clinic can use the device and pay as per test basis. They plan to improve the next edition of BalanceEye through a deep-learning module which will provide a complete and accurate interpretation so that doctors can make a precise diagnosis whether the patient has vertigo or not.
The company which was started in 2015 and has raised Rs 1.25 crore from two angel investors & is looking to raise close to $1 million in its second round of fund-raising in February. The firm has already received 10 pre-orders for the device from Bengaluru and Gujarat and the device is scheduled to be launched in January 2017.


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