Startup India & Nasdaq partner for Milestone Makers India program

Startup India & Nasdaq partner for Milestone Makers India program

Posted by P. Charitha on March 9th 2017

The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center has partnered with Startup India to launch their Milestone Makers India program in New Delhi in May 2017, their first venture in India. Startup India Advisory Services will partner with Nasdaq on the Milestone Makers program to support companies in establishing a clear vision along with a sustainability plan.
The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center is a San Francisco-based non-profit organization designed to educate, innovate, and connect aspiring and current entrepreneurs. 
  • Through their joint networks and expertise, they’ll be working with up to 25 entrepreneurs on a custom learning path to help each selected founder.
  • The program will be spread over a 12-week timeframe.
  • Support network: Each founder will have a coach, acting as a sounding board, and 3-4 business mentors, a customized set of classes, and access to state-of- the-art resources .
  • The program is valued at approximately $250,000.
The goals of the 12-week program are to:
1. Help entrepreneurs define and attain success on their own terms, for the long-term
2. Support the growth of individuals as lifetime entrepreneurs, rather than the growth of a single business, and
3. Recognize and amplify the important business milestones that fall outside traditional measures of success.
During the past year, the Center has supported more than 3,000 entrepreneurs in 200 programs. Invitations are on for early-to- mid stage founders in India to apply or nominate an entrepreneur for the May 2017 cohort. Last date for Applications is March 27th, 2017.  
If you are interested in applying to the Milestone Makers Program click here for more details.


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