Temsusenla Kichu from Nagaland

Temsusenla Kichu from Nagaland

Posted by Vivek Nama on December 7th 2017

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EASTERN MIRROR: How did the thought of bringing FUSION to existence occur to you? What was your main motive?
Temsusenla Kichu: My career started in 2003 when I started working for a Medical distributor and I later moved on to working as a store manager in Dimapur for a reputed Denim brand. My last assignment gave me an opportunity to understand the fashion needs of the people of Dimapur and also an opportunity to learn how to manage and open new stores in Dimapur, Shillong and Guwahati. With support from family and friends in form of monetary and emotional support, Fusion was started on 3rd Oct’2014. Fusion was incepted with an idea to promote garments from local designers. We have a lot of stuff coming from various parts of India, outside and an equal presence of local designers’ apparels in our store. Fusion is module around the concept of providing and promoting a variety of apparels, keeping in mind the various changing requirements of customers. We sell what customers want rather than what we require them to wear. We have an in house team for purchasing; they pick clothes after carefully studying the changing taste of customers.EASTERN MIRROR: What is the size of your team? Give us a background on FUSION operating system.
Temsusenla Kichu: The Fusion team consists of friends and family who come together to take different roles for the functioning of the store.
Purchases – Handled by sister Kirangsungla and I. Merchandise is sourced from Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata.
Designers / Social Media – Handled by me.
Finances – Handled by me and a dear friend who chooses to work from behind the curtains. I owe a lot for the support and the financial assistance given to start this dream.
Store – Handled by my cousin Mayang and me
We work both on a buy and sell module and a consignment module too. We work hard to see that the store has new merchandise refilled regularly and to give the customer that experience which delights him or her always. Fusion innovative style assessment & education emphasis in helping its customers develop their personal styles and enhance our reputation as a truly unique fashion boutique in Dimapur.

EASTERN MIRROR: What, in your opinion, is the USP of FUSION?
Temsusenla Kichu: Fusion innovative style assessment & education emphasize in helping its customers develop their personal styles and enhance our reputation as a truly unique fashion boutique in Dimapur. An opportunity for home-grown designers to showcase their talents and earn their livelihood is also an added feather that we have been able to achieve.

EASTERN MIRROR: So who exactly are your customers? What are the challenges you face as a proprietor of a fashion house.
Temsusenla Kichu: Fusion caters to the audiences from the age group of 16-30 years, both male and female. Being strategically located we have a lot of walk-ins from locals and from tourist visiting Nagaland. We stock our merchandise to cater to the needs for both casual & formal wear.
As a proprietor it’s difficult to mention just one challenge. Managing on getting the right merchandise mix, competition from brands, online sales, day to day activities etc…… But working on challenges gives us the kick to work hard and to excel well.

EASTERN MIRROR: Since you have close day-to-day contact with the designers, do you think there’s enough support for upcoming Designers in the state?
Temsusenla Kichu: The support of the upcoming designers in the state is commendable .We’re happy to see individual firms or companies giving a platform to the designers to showcase their products. The emerging entrepreneurs has to encourage one another, share ideas, organize trade fare where we can invite people from outside to buy from us, and all this is possible if we the young ones join hands. The government can step forward and give a permanent platform to all local homegrown designers under one roof with minimum rent…it will be a boom for all.

EASTERN MIRROR: How would you inculcate your own fashion sense in the designs you endorse for FUSION?
Temsusenla Kichu: Having worked for one of the country’s leading denim brand has given me the opportunity to learn about the trends and the likes of the consumers. We at Fusion think of ourselves as customers when we make purchases for the store and try to relate on whether we would have purchased this merchandise for ourselves and if the cost paid for the same is justified. We want our consumers to be happy with the experience they get at Fusion and to leave as satisfied customers.

EASTERN MIRROR: Is it challenging having to take care of designers who are part of FUSION?
Temsusenla Kichu: There is no fun if challenges are not thrown to you. At Fusion, we face the same challenges which every fashion boutique would face. We are in constant touch with our designers and buyers and give inputs on the current trends and the requirements of the consumers. Having a common goal of making it big in life we all strive together in achieving the best for ourselves. The professional relationship built up in these few months has been commendable and we often catch up for a cup of tea/coffee to update details on the latest happenings.
We have an open house forum where each person is given an opportunity to speak things and it helps when things are kept transparent and clean among all the partners.

EASTERN MIRROR: What is it that makes FUSION special?
Temsusenla Kichu: Fusion is an upscale clothing Boutique. Fusion clothing selection and exclusive personal style selection, which includes a detailed style assessment, will ensure that our customers are well dressed.
Fusion Carries Ready-To-Wear designer & casual/contemporary apparel & accessories for ladies & men’s. Fusion has designer brands from the House Of Twiss; D’Ana; Bevura and many More.
Fusion innovative style assessment & education emphasis in helping its customers develop their personal styles and enhance our reputation as a truly unique fashion boutique in Dimapur.

EASTERN MIRROR: Stable piece of fashion that you want in your store.
Temsusenla Kichu: We would like to experiment with Indian wear in fusion with our own Naga wear.

EASTERN MIRROR: Lastly, what’s your plan moving forward with FUSION?
Temsusenla Kichu: Fusion has been a dream for me. We are looking forward to cement our place as the first option for the people of Dimapur to satisfy their fashion needs. And also, looking forward to add few more new designers and labels to our present collection.


Temsusenla Kichu is the founder and proprietor of FUSION. Her 7 years of experience with top national & international brands has given her a unique understanding of the market, it guides everything from product development to the customers & their wants & requirements. 
With her experience on managing, Kichu ventured into setting up her own store “FUSION” which was a dream she always had.
Fusion is an upscale clothing Boutique which carries Ready-To-Wear designer & casual/contemporary apparel & accessories for ladies & men’s.
More importantly Fusion has home grown designer brands like the House Of Twiss; D’Ana ; Bevura and many more.


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