The South Korean K-Startup Grand Challenge comes to India

The South Korean K-Startup Grand Challenge comes to India

Posted by M.Venkatesh on May 17th 2017

To up its IT game, South Korea is harboring partnerships with foreign start-ups. Attracting ideas from global-minded teams is a step forward in advancing the country’s quest for a fourth industrial revolution. The government-backed K-Startup Grand Challenge is in its second year, and start-ups all over the world are invited to apply. NIPA- National IT Industry Promotion Agency, an  initiative  as part of the K-Startup Grand Challenge will be visiting cities across the country, including Mumbai, Bangalore Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad and Kochi. 

They will meet with prominent entities in the local start-up ecosystems, including incubation centers, accelerator hubs and more. The interactions aim to channel the enthusiasm and vision of the local start-up environment towards the event, offering them a great opportunity to graduate to the world stage. 
What you get
The top 50 teams selected  will participate in a four-month accelerator program which includes mentoring and sharing sessions.
Teams will also have the opportunity to interact with major Korean companies like Samsung, Hyundai Motors, Kakao, and Naver among others to understand Asia’s and Korea’s business culture, which is crucial to success in the region.
Recently, the Korean government unveiled a comprehensive plan to ease regulations on investments in startups.

Foreign entrepreneurs are also welcome to pitch business ideas. Start-ups need not worry about potential language barriers. There are innovative ways like hiring locals who can speak fluent Korean and English as country managers. This will not only help start-ups tear down the language barrier but will also aid them in networking with local top investors and executives. 
A local accelerator program like K-Startup Grand Challenge can help start-ups overcome these issues through mentorship and industry guidance.To know about the benefits for start ups coming to Korea click here

With geographical proximity to China, Japan, and other areas of Asia, the program invites next-gen  start-ups to Korea. To apply for the  K-startup Grand Challenge click here



















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