Uber acquires AI start-up, aims to be part of the Big 4

Uber acquires AI start-up, aims to be part of the Big 4

Posted by P. Charitha on December 7th 2016

Uber  has acquired Geometric Intelligence, a 2-year-old artificial intelligence , New York-based startup that is into  deep AI learning systems. Founded by New York University psychologist Gary Marcus and University of Cambridge professor of information engineering Zoubin Ghahramani, Geometric Intelligence has 13 researchers taken from different countries across the academic world. As part of this acquisition 14 of the startup’s employees will move to San Francisco, where Uber is based, and will serve as the central AI lab for the cab company. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.
Uber already runs a self-driving car lab in Pittsburgh with 40 researchers and scientists from Carnegie Mellon University, and recently acquired a San Francisco  based self-driving car company -  Otto. The hub will operate much like Google Brain, the team that drives AI research for the search giant, and Facebook’s FAIR lab, which does much the same thing for Mark Zuckerberg and company.
Uber is transforming itself from a ride-hailing company into an outfit that does self-driving cars and trucks, hardcore machine learning, even flying automobiles. They’re reinventing themselves as an AI company and want to join the Big Four- Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple.
The company has filed for at least one patent,and with its  team of fifteen researchers and is into deep  neural networks—pattern recognition systems that can learn tasks by analyzing vast amounts of dataAs part of their technology they recognize faces in photos and understand the commands given into smart phones. 


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