Under 18 Entrepreneurs

Under 18 Entrepreneurs

Posted by P. Charitha on October 24th 2016

We have seen  college drop outs & fresh graduates create history by starting their businesses from garages & warehouses and move on to become some of the largest corporations in the world- no need for names you guessed it … The other extremes are these teen’trepreneurs who are balancing their studies and making a quick buck through their money spinning ideas. The latest we found as we scoured the net are: 
Adora Svatik. This 19 year old has  already published two acclaimed books is literary specialist makes money out of writing essays and also appeared  at  a TED conference at young age of twelve.
Tommie Rose. This 15 year old had sold sweets to his fellow school mates in his High School and made £14k from that venture. That cheeky act of selling treats without the school’s permission was offered an internship at a top recruitment firm.
Emil Motycka. A high School student who made mowing lawns a fun business and offered other customized services like landscaping and Christmas tree decorations almost made around  $135K.
Sean Belnick. At age 14, Sean Belnick became the founder of Bizchair.com which sold desk chairs and guess what? In 7 years he touched revenues worth $42 million  and today he  has expanded his business to selling  different office furniture and doubled his revenues. 
Jack Uesugi. Jack Uesugi, a 16-year-old high school student from Hawaii, whose love for art and graphic design gave him the idea to start his own unit to make printed T shirts and sell them online with the support of local artisans.
Div Turakhia .Divyank  Turakhia, a self taught coder since the age of 13  who started business at the age of 16, with $500 borrowed from his father, turned into a  successful serial entrepreneur. Later started a contextual advertising business called Media.net and sold it for $900 million to a Chinese company! This guy is the ultimate inspiration.
So all that you need is an idea with innovation, dedication and the persistence to turn your idea into a reality & to make it work and of course make loads of money.
The list is endless where you have success stories from every nook and corner of the world .But if you know of any such successful teen entrepreneurial stories who made it big in life, do share it with us and we will feature it in our site.


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