"We are committed to promote start-ups in India"-Suresh Prabhu,Union Minister for Commerce & Industry

Posted by P. Charitha on September 7th 2017

Mr. Suresh Prabhu, the newly-appointed Union Commerce and Industry minister,  took over charge from Mrs Nirmala Sitharaman  after she was  named India's Defence Minister in a reshuffle-cum-expansion of the ministry carried out by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. With this, Sitharaman has become India’s first full-time woman defence minister and will now be sitting in South Block with External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj.
In order to connect and motivate the startup community in India Mr  Suresh  Prabhu took to the Twitter to share his message to the start-up fraternity. He started the message, saying, “I presume start-ups are by youngsters, or by those who feel that young. Some people start late in life, some people start early in life but nonetheless all those who have decided to start something new, let me offer my best wishes.”
The Union Minister said that one shouldn’t wait for the right time to start something new, the right time is now. “There is no day that can be said to be not the right time to start something new. The world around us is changing so fast, that if you just look around, think about the change that is happening, you could really be looking at opportunities knocking at our door. Because there is change itself towards opportunities. The change caused by others provided an opportunity to you, the change triggered by you would provide opportunities to others.”
Prabhu said, “So startup is an opportunity to take advantage of change. But startup itself a trigger for change, So you are actually a change agent for society. You are going to make economic benefit out of that change. I wish to congratulate you for at least starting to think that you must start doing something. Because if the startup happens much later, thinking for starting happens much earlier.”
According to the minister, who was recently moved from the Railway ministry, “Startup is the process which starts with a new thinking and commitment to do something different. If you start today something, you will actually be the leading company of tomorrow. You can wait for tomorrow to come and (say) then I will start thinking. It will not happen. Startup future is actually extremely bright for those who are willing to take risks, start thinking differently and start getting into economic activity right away.”
Prabhu further said, “For me, you are part of my responsibility, you are part of my community, you are part of my family. Because as a minister in-charge of, we are committed to promote start-ups in India.”


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