Wheat Grass Grown with a Difference

Wheat Grass Grown with a Difference

Posted by 2 on September 3rd 2016

Industry/Sector: Agro

Team: B.S. Praveen Kumar

Contact Details: 9000088227

What we offer?
Organically and soilless grown tasty wheat grass powder made from the leaf and roots and extended the same to making Spirulina and Barley powder also.

The first company in Hyderabad to grow wheatgrass in hydroponic soilless method. Neutralise Naturals is into wheat grass powder cultivation, where wheat grass is cultivated in a sterile environment using a unique technology called indoor hydroponic cultivation. The wheatgrass is cultivated in a sterile environment utilizing naturally grown seeds and in an indoor environment, hydroponic i.e. without soil or any other base/ground . In this technology, even the roots of wheatgrass are edible, making it a very healthy supplement. They have also come out with wheat grass soaps and other by products made from any residue while making the powder. The products are sold online and available in most of the organic stores. Grass grown without soil and the Roots are used too!


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