World's first true kiss transfer device - Kissenger

World's first true kiss transfer device - Kissenger

Posted by Vivek Nama on December 22nd 2016

Gone are the days of a stolen glance and kisses in the air, it’s the age of love over the net through Skype and an app! The Yahoo messenger was  like  boon in the early internet boom days  with everyone logging on to it at home and cyber cafes and  over the years we have seen the concept evolve into  Snapchat, Skype , Whatsapp and  Facetime, where we can see one other. Nevertheless it’s still kisses in the air... But now the latest gadget where you can actually or rather virtually kiss your loved one has hit the market and is slowly making waves across the student community- it’s called the Kissenger in the virtual world.
Now hold those naughty thoughts... it’s not a messenger coming to give you a kiss but a gadget which enables couples to kiss each other across the internet.
Now how does it work is the obvious next question you all are waiting for.
It is a brightly-coloured holster that you can attach to your Smartphone with an inviting plastic pad attached at the bottom. Yes! Your friend on the other side of the planet also needs to have one to feel your kiss. So when you kiss it or lock lips with it, the pad senses pressure points and transmits the sensation through to an identical holster on your partner’s phone. And you can’t go beyond that.
Kissenger Concept Creators
Started as a project by by Dr. Hooman Samani at the National University of Singapore, the Kissenger after the release of the original prototype became a hit on many media sites. In 2012, Dr. Hooman Samani met Dinos Demetriades the CEO and together created Kissenger Pte Ltd, a Singapore based entity which is part of the NUS Enterprise Incubator, and the recipient of an Interactive Digital Media development grant.
Dr. Hooman and Dinos have completed the development of the Kissenger and are looking for investments through crowd sourcing  funds and investors so that they can start  production .The creators of the device say it is still  machine-based touching meant for  couples but , it can be also be used outside of romantic relationships where parents can also use Kissenger as a reassuring way to keep in touch with their children when they are away at work.
While they admit that a lot more work is needed to create a more lifelike smooching experience and moreover, it's not being used in an explicitly sexual manner and  is more of a fun device.


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